Nick Carter is an artist, educator, and community organizer living and working in Providence, Rhode Island.

He is currently the Apparel Design Coordinator at AS220 Youth — a radical arts education program focused on young people in the care or custody of the state — where he has worked since 2011.

His studio practice is based in painting but involves printmaking, sculpture, installation, clothing, performance, video, and photography. His pieces are often formal investigations of pattern, color, and material. However, their presentation has a phenomenological focus. Site-specific illumination and the shifting perspective of each viewer-participant collaborate to complete the work by activating and intensifying its mutable and trompe-l'œil aspects.

Moving through the world, he is often transfixed by light. Shimmering though trees; weaving through fences; performing racist violence in our neighborhood: Fire Matthew Sheridan and the rest of the "Southside Terror Squad." Drawing and writing help him make sense of what he's taking in. He uses multiple mediums in order to triangulate meaning in the work.

Cultural analyst Sherry Turkle cites increased screen time as part of an "assault on empathy" that is afflicting our society across all generations. For this and other reasons, Nick’s paintings are intentionally difficult to convey via digital documentation, as they are meant to be interacted with in-person rather than through an electronic interface. What color is this dress?

Nick's most recent work is inspired by — among other things — quilting motifs, natural and artificial camouflage, and modern urban architecture.

His clothing line, ASMR homegoods, can be found at

You can see view or download his CV here.

His natal chart can be found below:

Nick Carter Sex M
Philadelphia, PA 42 United States 09/03/1987 07:00 - Julian day 2447041.96
Timezone -4.00 ST 4.48 Lat 39.57 Long 75.10