To-Do: bird feeder for the backyard

mainly found materials, messy joints, successful

I hadn’t decided if it would hang from a branch (at least 6 feet from the trunk, or so Ken advised, so that the squirrels can’t jump to it), or if it would stand on its own, stuck down in the dirt.

I bought some suet (raw beef or mutton fat that birds like, especially woodpeckers), and found a piece of PVC pipe that might contain and distribute it. But that was it; and I went back to spending all my studio time painting fabric, connecting it to pieces of wood, picket-line signs with impractical designs and illegible demands. They hang from clothesline-type cords, lean against walls, or (if things went bad) lie in piles on the floor.

I occasionally see woodpeckers — Downys I think — scouring the big tree near my dining room windows. They do quick once-overs, keep moving.

Where's the Bird Feeder?
Solo show with RK Projects, Providence, RI
28 February - 2 March 2014

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