Added Walls
List Art Center, Brown University
2/17/12 - 3/2/12

There are two ways to create a maze: Adding walls and carving passages.

These objects and videos were made between one and a half walls of a loft in the Nicholson File Building in the Butcher Block neighborhood of Providence. I combine layers of materials and gestures until I think the product reflects enough time and contains enough information that I can imagine the presence of multiple narratives within it. Either a work in progress gives me an idea of something to do to it, or I have something I want to do so I go find the right object to do it to. Painted string ripped off foam, glitter with ink, spray painted water. I try to avoid formulae in my process and instead use a conceptual repetition to investigate ideas about the surfaces and depths of objects and images. A piece is finished when I think it can bring the viewer more than halfway into the visual maze of choices and processes, so that they'd rather continue on and find their own way out than figure out how to go back out the way they came.