Breeze Blocks was a project presented with Fuego CDMX, an artist-run space in Mexico City, in 2019. After an opening reception, the paintings were installed outside different artist-run projects in the city, including Aeromoto, Lagos, Librería Escandalar316centro, and STROMBOLI.

This group of dyed and bleached cotton paintings was based on wrought iron grates, steel fences, and concrete breeze blocks I’d seen in Mexico City. Cost-conscious barriers designed to sift out certain bodies while allowing light and air to pass through. When I returned to Mexico City with these paintings, I felt acutely aware of the lightness of my body, and the privileged ease with which it is often able to move. When you walk alongside these ubiquitous, patterned boundaries, their optical rhythms respond to your speed and proximity. Weaving strands of chainlink fence coalesce into waves.